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Growing Contractors' Capacity

The Memphis Area Minority Contractors Association's (MAMCA) goal is to ensure that minority contractors are positioned to both grow and sustain stable companies, while being given opportunities to succeed in a competitive environment. By bringing together all parties in the Construction Industry, we are able to enhance, improve & promote contracting business services and increase minority participation.

Through advocacy and education, our organization promotes the economic and legal interests of minority contracting firms.

By reducing and removing barriers to full equality in the construction field, we can bring about wider procurement and increased business opportunities for our members...and for minority contractors across the Mid-South. 


Only through our collective voice can we promote the economic and legal interests of minority contracting firms. 

Collaboration and Community

Since 1974, MAMCA has helped minority contractors create a forum for both the sharing of information and providing mutual support.                   

Disparities in the construction industry are concerns common to all historically underpriveleged communities. MAMCA provides assistance to minority contractors and facilitates the opportunity to share construction contracts where both public and private funds are involved. We also provide our member contractors with professional and technical assistance in negotiating, obtaining, and servicing construction contracts.


As a member of MAMCA, you will have access to all of our monthly business training resources that offer developmental assistance to contractors; these resources range from blueprint reading and estimation to business certification and OSHA training.   

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