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Established in 1974, The Memphis Area Minority Contractors Association is an entrepreneur focused organization committed to strategically building capacity and wealth for minority contractors in Memphis and the Mid-South.  MAMCA is an incubator for minority owned businesses, promoting growth, advancement and sustainment through access to information, resources and opportunity.


The Memphis Area Minority Contractors Association was founded in 1974 by George Bailey, Eddie Flowers, Harold Jamison, Jimmie Jones, Travis Jones, J.P. Kirksey, George Sanders, Oscar Vaughn and W.C. Williamson.  In 1974, the founders were facing the seemingly insurmountable obstacles of overt racism and discrimination that sought to stifle and suffocate their efforts to provide for their families as hard-working entrepreneurs in the construction industry. Though well qualified, it was obvious they were being denied the opportunity for work in both the public and private sectors.   Understanding what they were up against, the founders came together and formed a brotherhood.  Skilled in various trades—HVAC, electrical, plumbing, painting, etc.  If one found work, they all worked.  That bond and spirit of unity and collaboration was the catalyst for the creation of the Memphis Area Minority Contractors Association. 



20 years later, in 1994, they were still fighting for the equal opportunity to do business with the City of Memphis.  Members Harold McDonald, Mike Eskridge and Bill Moss were relentless in their efforts to effect change for contractors.  They consistently and persistently met with city officials to bring attention to the blatant lack of inclusion.  Their efforts were one of the driving forces that compelled the City of Memphis to commission a disparity study.  The goal of the study was to determine if there were indeed discriminatory practices at work.  The outcome of the study was “YES”.  It was concluded, “that construction, professional services and supply firms owned by MWBEs in Memphis were disproportionately underutilized in City of Memphis contracts and in the Memphis private marketplace; and secondly, that the City of Memphis had been a direct and passive participant in the system of discrimination present in the private marketplace.” As a result of these findings, in 1995, the City adopted its MWBE program. (City of Memphis Disparity Study Executive Summary, submitted March 2010).



2024 marks 50 years of existence for the Memphis Area Minority Contractors Association.  As we reflect on the rich heritage of our past, we honor the sacrifice of our founders by upholding our core values of Collaboration, Advocacy, Integrity, Accountability, Excellence, Ingenuity, Diligence and Commitment.  We move forward together into the next 50 years with pride and appreciation for the tenacity, strength and wisdom of those on whose shoulders we stand.  

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